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Focus3D vince il “Premio dell'innovazione per l'architettura e l'edilizia”
22/02/2012 11:39:10

In occasione della fiera DEUBAU 2012 tenutasi ad Essen in Germania lo scorso gennaio, le riviste di architettura AIT e xia Intelligente Architektur hanno reso noto il nome del vincitore del decimo “Premio dell'innovazione per l'architettura e l'edilizia”.  Al concorso hanno partecipato 18 costruttori con 21 prodotti.

Quest'anno Focus3D si è guadagnato l'ambito premio dell'innovazione nella categoria "Prodotto di elevata qualità architettonica". Questo prestigioso premio per l'architettura e il design è stato assegnato da una giuria di rinomati architetti e ingegneri. Focus3D ha convinto la giuria in particolare per il suo innovativo design e le prestazioni tecniche. La giuria ha inoltre ritenuto che il crescente bisogno di dati 3D fosse un indicatore dell'importanza di questo dispositivo.

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  • john dice:
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  • john dice:
    k4QWoJ http://www.QS3PE5ZGdxC9IoVKTAPT2DBYpPkMKqfz.com
  • Egurla dice:
    Maciej,I'm not quite sure I follow what you're siynag. That the interface with Tekla Structures is easier than with Revit Structures? As I mentioned in the comment above to David, the link does better explain the illustration. And coincidentally, I heard a Graphisoft BIM Implementation guy explain that diagram as part of a lecture he was giving at EcoBuild in Washington, DC this week. After hearing him talk, it does actually become pretty clear. Could I explain it myself now, probably not clearly enough to share! http://mlpcvpyh.com [url=http://yntvmhbahae.com]yntvmhbahae[/url] [link=http://dnnrslny.com]dnnrslny[/link]
  • Hugh dice:
    Miguel... intersting post... I touch on BIM with my Blog (revolving <a href="http://virhsx.com">arnuod</a> Autodesk products), and try to keep up with others along the lines of BIM and the products I (and all of my Facility's consulting engineers/designers) use... I do just want to say that I keep a list of over 150 discipline-related blogs, and only 22 of those are run by Autodesk, the rest of us simply do it for the passion (read: sympathy of frustration).I'm not sure why one demographic might blog and the other might not, I'm certainly interested to read if anyone else had any theories on that.:) thanks.
  • Monster dice:
    For one advocating the use of wheeavtr tool we choose, your post is of a quite opposite mindset.A vs R is a needless argument, like BMW vs Mercedes is It's the drivers, if all is truly equivelent.You are still playing the My BIM tool is better than yours and while other Archi-heads may agree and feel all warm and cozy at your rhetoric, it is shying away from meaningful writing you may have -and whilee it may make you feel like a rebel using A, just remember James Dean even wore Levi's It is what one does with things, not what things are!!! In BIM as well as life. http://gfrbwx.com [url=http://fhzjejlt.com]fhzjejlt[/url] [link=http://wzmoviavw.com]wzmoviavw[/link]
  • Rosita dice:
    Scott, great article. Hopefully the <a href="http://xqsajhsdrnt.com">furtue</a> will be open. I have to believe it will be. With Trimble buying SketchUp, the concept of a more robust point cloud connection with SketchUp seems believable. And I also only see the connection between SketchUp and ArchiCAD getting stronger over time (again Trimble being in the mix seems to make this more likely). Finally, I also see the Morph tool as ArchiCAD's solution to Point Cloud integration. Let another company master the creation of the clouds. Then once those clouds can be imported to ArchiCAD as an object in one form or another (.skp, .kmz, .3ds, .ifc ) they can be morphed and manipulated as necessary in ArchiCAD. An extra step, yes. But Again great article. Very exciting things on the way!
  • Yolanda dice:
    What everyone in the AvR fight fogerts and the Autodesk sales reps are arguably better at this, too is that the combined usage is still WAY less than the flatcad I said USAGE, not ownership. Somehow I would guess that most of the people who own ArchiCAD actually use it, while not being so sure about the owners of the Revit licenses so, what's the point? To each his own, if you are happy to drive a beige Toyota, please do it, but safely. Looking at a bigger picture, BIMming is the point.And nobody but Graphisoft could squander 25 years of market presence as marketing and awareness, but that's another story, that mostly rings true in the US. Very different elsewhere.

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